Keep up with the goings on around the farm!

Keep up with the goings on around the farm!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is it really a farm?

Well, Adam is teasing me, as husbands often do...

"Why do you keep calling this a farm?" Adam says. Well, in case you were wondering too...

Apart from the fact that since I was a little girl I have daydreamed about living on a farm and giving the place a farm name makes me feel like I am living "the dream", this is why.

Reason #1
Check out that shed, does it not say "FARM". After all it is ramshackle, semi-termite eaten, a large black snake spends time there, and it houses everything from kayaks to an extensive assortment of digging dirt tools, stacks of scrap wood destined for some future projects, a spinning wheel, and other oddities. Can't you just imagine the boys spending time digging around the spider webs digging through boxes we have totally forgotten about. Says FARM to me.

Reason #2
Ummm, quintessential tire swing hanging from pecan tree. I ask, have you ever seen a farm without a tire swing? Notice the rusty mental roof of the shed. It is no wonder I feel like I have come home, now that has Millwood written all over it.
Reason #3
Rows of Muscadines, framed by future garden beds. I guess I will have too look up the definition of farm to make this argument work, however I am not going into the office to dig up a dictionary because we are heating the house with wood and the heat just doesn't make it to that end of the house. Oh, wait another reason to call this a attempt at self-sufficiency. (And no, I did not neglect that I could open another window and look the word up on google, that would be giving in!)
Need I give another reason, take a look at that sunset. Tall, stately (and skinny) Georgia pines, feathery clouds above, open space, clean air...
My answer to my wonderful husband is this...
It is a farm because I want it to be. I want to grow food for my family and friends. I want to raise chickens, eat their eggs, and watch them gobble up the ticks out of the yard. I want plants, animals, and space for my children. I want to nurture a space so that I can continue to catch those moments when you turn around and witness nature doing exactly what she is supposed to...I want to attempt some self-sufficency, environmental preservation, and natural family living and this is the best way I know how.
So now you know, just in case you were wondering.


  1. *Had posted this comment in error on a different topic so I copied it to it's appropriate place...our beloved "farms"! have a wonderful FARM.
    I am in total agreement with you.
    I named my property Pine Hollow Farm several years back. Ancient chicken coup with no chickens, a small barn, a rail fence that Adam installed, and a new HORSE fence out front with no horses.
    We both have livestock. Two dogs and a cat, and two dogs respectively.
    My Bernese mountain dog's ancestors drove cattle in Switzerland and they also pull carts. NO DOUBT MOLLY IS AN OFFICIAL FARM DOG!
    One day I will afford a sign to place on my property indicating the official name. You should to. Adam could make a really nice one,and you could all design it and decorate it.
    We both have farms!!!
    Great pics of your farm. I love them. The boys get cuter and bigger every day.

  2. Sarah, this is a beautiful blog. You do have a farm, and I totally sympathize with your desire to enjoy nature daily and teach your children about it. One wonderful thing about Georgia is the almost-all-year growing season. Sometime I would like to have property with fruit and nut trees, berries and vegetables...small, but a farm none the less...I look forward to reading about your adventures.