Keep up with the goings on around the farm!

Keep up with the goings on around the farm!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Forced Relaxation due to Paralyzing Ice Storm!

Hip, hip, hooray. A little bit of ice and I get an extra week off from school. That's right, five snow days in a row! The greatest thing about it was that it really was treacherous outside so we were stuck indoors. For a week we really only ventured outside to fetch more wood for the fire, feed the cat, and remember what cold feels like.

Right before the storm we got a visit from Adam's aunt and uncle. It was a treat to visit with family. Ben took care of doctoring everybody up and Simon took care of the making us all laugh by his silly expressions.

So, then the ice storm hit and we had to find ways to stay off of the television inside. We put up the easel and the kids have enjoyed some painting which inspired me to finally put up the art wall that I have been conjuring up.

Both boys have been playing exceptionally well with their train set. I built a totally kick-ass track that has lasted for over a week. This has in the past been unheard of as Simon typically plays with the train then destroys track. He is now rather infactuated with the trains and enjoys a new sense of track preservation. Ben is quite happy about this transition as he no longer has to stand by the door and refuse entry to Simon!

I feel like we have been eating non-stop, maybe it is just because I am used to two meals at school and one at home...needless to say it has been fun cooking with the kids. We made some wonderful apple zucchini muffins, peanut butter cookies, and peach-pear sauce.

We did get stir crazy and brave the chilly weather and icy yard to start burning some of the brush piles we have strategically placed around the property for future garden plans. The boys enjoyed sucking on ice chunks both fearful of wandering far from the wheelbarrow because it was too "eepy" as Simon says (translates to slippery).

As the ice melted around the property we also took time to put up the new swing set that one of Adam's clients graciously gave us when Adam re-invented their backyard. We decided to put it in the front yard close to where our edible gardens and orchard is so that the boys will have a place to engage while we work in the garden. Adam also began work on cutting the large pine tree my father cut down last winter into smaller logs so that we can push them out of the way.

All things considered it has been an unbelievably relaxing week and I am totally unprepared to wake up so early tomorrow morning, get myself ready for work, and throw the boys into a cold van for their first day back to school in over a month! I hope there aren't too many tears tomorrow morning. We have all been spoiled by the sweet family time.

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