Keep up with the goings on around the farm!

Keep up with the goings on around the farm!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Warm Winter Fuzzies!

Mmmmm, don't you just love those cold winter days where you let yourself stay in your jammies all day long! Rosy cheeks, tea, and snuggles...
I do. Maybe it doesn't happen often enough for me...and yet those days I think drive Adam nuts. Maybe it just reminds me of home. Spending hours in front of the woodstove, fearful to walk just ten feet away else sub-zero temperatures set in! We have had a bit of a cold snap and I am just loving loading the woodstove, teaching the boys how to snap kindling, sort paper for fire starting, and sit in front of the stove all wrapped up in towels after the tub! We have the kettle on top and it is such a treat having hot water for tea all day long...believe it or not and I know it seems silly I just don't like turning the gas flame on for hot water because most of the time I forget I started the kettle and feel just awful for wasting the resource! And I just hate microwaved water for some reason, for tea anyway!

Ben and Simon are very much interested in Christmas this year. It has inspired Adam and I to cherish the holiday in a new light. This year the boys and I made an advent calendar and we are all enjoying the new tradition. The boys wrote a letter to Santa and we hung it up on the last day of November. We told the boys that Santa sends his elves out to collect all the letters and he leaves special treats for each day until Christmas. The boys are just loving getting a treat everyday. The Christmas socks were the biggest hit! We have discovered Simon has quite a shoe fetish, loves socks, and changes his shoes about six times a night!

Indoor play is becoming very interesting and imaginative. Ben is enjoying playing doctor, chef, and Santa. He is filling all our pillow cases with his toys to deliver to all the boys and girls. He asked me to make sleigh out of some cardboard, and he insisted on " a lot a lot a lot" of reindeer. I talked him into two! He puts on all his red clothes, uses his "man belt" and puts on my furry boots. He is a treat to watch. If he had his way Simon would be his reindeer! Super hero capes are now not complete unless the boys are wearing the headlamps...such small boys don't know that superheros may possess on their own X-ray vision and night vision!

Simon is well, Simon! He just plays along and tries his best to get everyones attention. He is an avid book reader right now, rather fixated on "Goodnight Gorilla". He must be noticing his father deeply engrossed in a book or magazine every night.

So, it is just a busy little family, hunkering down in the cold, getting ready for Santa's big drop down the chimney (Ben is quite worried that Santa won't figure out how to get out of our fireplace "cage").

We are wishing all of our family and friends a joyous season full of warm, winter fuzzies!
I couldn't help but stage part of our Christmas card this was just too tempting with pint-sized wheelbarrows!