Keep up with the goings on around the farm!

Keep up with the goings on around the farm!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Not Much Farming...

No, not much farming going on...but we are hitting milestones at The Painting House Farm!

Mother's Day was awful...Leo got into the chicken coop and murdered the babes, they were just getting so cute and I could just strangle Leo! However, emotions aside I understand instinct and I will forgive him for now. It was probably my fault for being overzealous at the thought of chickens and I should have known that Leo would be a problem.

Milestone #1: Reality Check...remember sometimes things die."

Lesson learned, I guess we will have to put in the electric fence in after all and give Leo the larger shock collar. I will have to admit though, I really don't want to see any more dead chicks. Oh and to top that off, I almost forgot. After I buried the chicks I took Simon in a wagon ride down the road and saw that a cat had been run over in the road. I knocked on neighbors doors but no one knew of a pretty tiger cat. Well, of course I couldn't leave it to rot in the sun in the road (I guess some vultures would have found it and it probably would be been a more ecologically sound decision to brush it to the side of the road but I couldn't do that.) so I gave the orange tiger cat a burial on the farm too. Sad day. I have been so ashamed I haven't wanted to write about it.

Father's Day was so much nicer! We built the boys a sandbox and Adam reused the last of the old kitchen cabinets into a new recycling center. After that we took the boys swimming.

Milestone #2: Ben took off on his own, swimming across the pool. (Yes he did have a float on but this is a huge step in bravery!) Needless to say we are very proud of him.

Milestone #3: Ben is weaning! This is huge since "Boobie" as Ben calls it has been one of his favorite things for almost 3 years. We have been going on one week now and the celebration begins tonight with myself having a nice cup of tea because he put himself to sleep without a tear, without the "I want Boobie!" mantra, without the subtle request for just 2 sips...he just said "Goodnight Mommy." And that was that. Funny, I never thought it would happen.

Milestone #4: Simon is walking! Cute as can be and we are all so proud of him. Everytime Ben sees his little bro cruising around he announces "Simey's walking!". This is exciting for Mommy and Daddy too because we won't be washing so many dirty knees and worrying about what his hands are padding across...maybe those knee callus' will begin to fade. I have a feeling the kid is still going to get just as dirty though!

We are not harvesting much at the farm this summer apart from the figs and muscadines already established here (though I do forsee some pumpkins this fall out of Ben's patch...tune in later), but we did make it down to an orchard last week to pick peaches and blueberries. Oh so delicious and inspiring of what our own trees will be giving us in a few years.

So, not much farming...well I did (who knows why in this 95 degree Georgia heat) till a garden bed. Couldn't help myself. I have been moving some plants around so that I can get to work on some of the old weed filled beds that we inherited with the place. There are some amazingly cool plants here but scattered around in odd places.

So here is a happy Mommy, pathetic wanna be chicken farmer...signing off tonight.
Simon looks a little spooked doesn't he!