Keep up with the goings on around the farm!

Keep up with the goings on around the farm!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Montana...and back.

We ended our summer (or at least mine), with a Churchill gathering in Big Sky, Montana. We spent two weeks there and it is probably going to take that to get the boys out of mountain time...just in time for me to begin the school year! It was worth it all, we found Montana to be beautiful and filled with adventure. Adam and especially liked the Bozeman area, pretty cool town; lots of fun parks for the boys, pawn shops with great gear, and gorgeous views everywhere you turned.

We did quite a few hikes, spent a couple days in Yellowstone watching the earth boil, were stopped in the road for bison crossing, and got all bad-ass for a bit of downhill mountain biking (this time without the boys on back!) The mountain biking scared me immensely but I am super excited that I have a photo of me looking totally hardcore to flash at my new students this year, maybe scare them a bit! Adam guided his siblings and spouses down a section of the Galatin River. We went inside a mountain and saw totally amazing caverns! I stayed with back with the Grandparents (fallen out of far too many rafts to be game for it). Instead we checked out Virginia City which is a ghost town and the history reminded me that we truly were in the Wild Wild West!

Now that we are back at the farm we are trying to adjust to the idea that I am headed back to school. I have almost finished my role in the second bathroom so pretty soon we will be operating with two toilets, which is totally necessary since now Ben is officially in big boy undies all day! Super psyched parents are we that now we are back to one set of diapers to change and wash. Adam just finished a gorgeous pond in an atrium, it was a fun project for him because he was working with a vertical space rather than an open slope. He has several jobs in the works but I am not sure exactly what they are, I think some stone step rebuilds, and I am sure in a few weeks the fall planting season will begin. I get to teach first grade this year, so I am looking forward to a bit more maturity and a new curriculum to keep things exciting. Let's see, what else...we built the boys a mini-picnic table outside. Totally helps out the sandbox dilemna of needing to shower before lunch! I like it. The boys like to dance on it, especially Simon. He is also incredibly fond of wearing nothing but his hand-me-down yellow rubber boots which are still a bit too big. He is insistent on it though! Which brings me to another thought...the boys are goofier than ever! Ben is picking out more and more of his own clothes, yesterday hiking in a tie dye, patchwork plaid pants, and camo canvas hightops with striped tube socks! Simon adds his silly self with his "pizza delivery" dance as we call it because his hand is up flat like he is carrying a tray with is other hand and knees keeping the beat! We love it!

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  1. Nice trip report Sarah! Happy to hear you had a nice family vacation in a most beautiful place before having to get revved up for school. Congratulations on moving to 1st grade. That's the way to do it. Upward mobility one grade at a time. I admire your courage. From what I hear, teaching is not getting any easier.
    Nice pics! The boys are growing so fast and are as cute as ever.
    Love the waterfall to. Nice job.

    Take care "ya all"
    Hope you get some more snow this winter for the boys!