Keep up with the goings on around the farm!

Keep up with the goings on around the farm!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Go Figgy? and Happy Birthdays!

Well, August is here and might I say moving right along! We celebrated Benjamin's 3rd birthday and Adam's 37th this past week. My goodness, how time flies (an old adage, but so appropriate...). To prepare for the festivities Ben, Simon, and I made a banner for the newest addition to the farm, a pint sized picnic table. The banner has held out through three crazy Georgia summer storms and looked quite good yesterday during a home-made peach pop break! You can see Simon enjoys the table, the shade, and the pop. Ben also decorated his own party hat that he was kind enough to share with his Daddy for part of the night. Sadly somehow Mommy missed a picture of that though. For my talented sisters, notice the two tie-dyes on Ben in one day...they are by far his favorites and it is always his first choice. Lucky for him he has two Aunties who love him so much to keep his drawer filled.

What else...

Yes, yesterday we picked a big basketful of figs from our most productive plant. Today we cooked them up and canned them for some sweet and tangy preserves to enjoy this winter. It is fun to have a little harvest our first year. Ben is keeping a close watch over the apple trees insisting that we take almost daily walks to check on their progress so I imagine there will be more canning of applesause and maybe apple butter in the coming months. Aren't those figs beautiful!

This morning we all packed up for work and left the house early, you can see there is only one morning person in the family...Simon. He insisted on wearing Ben's cape out the door this morning and put on quite a display for the camera...Ben on the other hand is like "you got me up, let's go!" Now that the two most recent sewing projects have finally been completed (recycling old sheets and bedspreads into blackout drapes for the bedrooms) there is room on my table for a new project...I think Simon needs his own cape!

I spent the day learning a new software to differentiate instruction in my classroom, hopefully I will find the time to use it...the other part of the day I spent painting, cutting, taping, and decorating my new classroom. I can already feel a more mature area with less dramatic play furniture and more open space for bigger ideas (yeah right...wishful thinking!) I am pleased with my room so far and I am even thinking that I have enough energy this year to start a farm to school program. Maybe starting with a garden club. We will see.

I have an empty house (Adam is on a trike ride with the boys), so I am going to say good-bye tonight, finish my glass of wine, maybe read a quick bit out of my new Chicken Magazine, and probably be quickly interupted to put the boys to bed! Lots of love from the farm and if the jars seal right maybe some fig preserves this holiday season too!

Mmmmwwwaaa! from our first decent down Line Creek in our hometown! Lucky woman am I.


  1. I didn't know you were blogging...its wonderful!A great title AND what awesome pictures and stories. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful family! Kathy